Installation aus der Reihe: Installationen für Niemanden.
Oscar Ledesma.
Mazunte. Aus Wikipedia:
Mazunte is famous for sea turtles. Before the mid 20th century, it had nearly no population, but that changed when a market for sea turtle meat and eggs developed. due to the many turtles that come to Mazunte to lay eggs, by the 1970s, Mazunte was the center of sea turtle hunting in Mexico, with its own slaughterhouse. Concern over the declining number of sea turtles eventually led to an absolute ban on turtle meat and eggs in Mexico, and deprived most families in Mazunte of their main source of income. To replace it, ecotourism based on the conservation of turtles and natural cosmetics developed. The main attractions of Mazunte today are the Mexican National Turtle Center and the Cosméticos Naturales de Mazunte.
Mazunte is a small beach town on the Pacific coast in Oaxaca, Mexico(15.66485°N 96.55388°W). Mazunte is located 22 km soutwest of San Pedro Pochutla on coastal Highway 200. Mazunte is located some 10 km to the west of Puerto Angel and just about 1 km from San Agustinillo and 264 km south of the capital of Oaxaca There are two etymologies for the name. Some sources state that Mazunte is derived from a Nahuatl phrase, maxoteti  which means please deposit eggs here. However, older residents of the community state that it is from the word mizontle, used by locals to refer to a crab species that used to be very abundant in the area.

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